How strength changes iron into beauty
and the metal is created ecstatically
what strikes the soul, excites
so I go to your arcane kingdom
where man’s hand sign
it shapes itself on volumes and nature
it bends to be reborn sculpture.
He gives himself, performs, matures.
Thank you for giving me entry to the place
where the fire and the workshop blazes
and fill as a temple fills a god.
A god of ancient times who pay
performing a ritual that goes far.
And I bear witness to that rite.

“Nino Ucchino choice for intellectual and human lives and produces in its place of origin, between Santa Teresa di Riva and Savoca. For him the world, as vast and infinite, we find a place that becomes sap motivation and deep in his research.”





9:00 AM ~ 1.00 PM
3:00 ~ 8.00 PM

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